Dear Bunmi, I feel like leaving without letting him know

I hate any sort of confrontation, that is why I am thinking of moving out of the flat I share with my boyfriend, and out of his life. I intend to do this while he’s at work.

Some few days back, the landlord gave us eviction notice and we have a couple of months to find somewhere else. This came at a time when I decided we have no future together.

I’m currently on the lookout for a new place, then move all my stuff out.

By the time he comes home, I’ll be long gone and it will be as if I was never there, and I will never have to speak to him again.

Am I being mean?

Ireti, by e-mail.

Dear Ireti,

It is obvious there is a fundamental crisis in your relationship that you have not given details of, but your decision, in spite of that, seems a bit harsh to me.

I can understand, and telling a partner the relationship is over would probably mean a big one.

I suggest you think about the ramifications of doing a runner while he’s at work. He’s going to go mad and is likely to come looking for you to find out what has happened.

Then, like it or not, you’re going to get your confrontation. If you tell him before you go, at least you’ll get it all over with on your own terms.

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