Mayor of Urhoboland to Buhari: Give marching orders to DSS, if there’s threat to democracy


The Mayor of Urhoboland and an ex-militant leader, Eshanekpe Israel, a.k.a Akpodoro, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari, to come out clean on the post-presidential election threats to democracy.

Akpodoro, who stated this in a chat with our correspondent, noted that the recent revelation by the Department of State Security, DSS on alleged schemes by those the service described as misguided elements intending to undermine democracy and scheming to install an interim government and thus truncate the planned handover of reign of power to a new government on May 29,23 is most worrisome and more worrisome, he said is “the inaction of the Service.”

The Mayor stated that, “In exercise of his presidential powers, Buhari should not hesitate to order the arrest of the culprits, which admittedly, the Service claim to know.”

“An election,” His Excellency wondered, “had been held in the country and a winner emerged while the losers chose to be bad losers and are scheming to undermine national security; it is shocking to see the national security apparatus watch while this embarrassing developments unfold with some people allegedly funding rebellion against the nation.

According to the former warlord, “The activities of the anti democratic forces in the country is an indictment on the President himself irrespective of the assurances given by his government that he will handover power on May 29, 2023 hitch-free and to the rightful winner of the February 25, 2023 Presidential election, President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu,” adding “The president needs to go further and assert himself strongly against forces, who do not want that epoch event to take place.”

Akpodoro stressed, “When in 2015, Buhari took over power after a keenly contested presidential election that year, there was no debate over Interim government replacing a legitimate government; and power peacefully transmitted to the next government led by the winner of that year’s presidential election.

He expressed worry, wondering why the case is different under President Buhari.

The ex-militant leader warned those behind the “anti Nigeria plot” to change such mindset, maintaining, “Nigeria is bigger than the evil plot of a bunch of retrogressive elements maintaining that, should anything untoward happens towards the handover ceremony, the people behind such dastardly act will not enjoy its outcome.”

“The general election was a 4-horse race wherein a winner in person of President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu emerged on the vehicle of free, fair and credible election that truly represents the electoral behaviour of the Nigerian people but for one blackmailer among the pack to start funding and inciting rebellion against the Nigerian state shouldn’t be taken lightly. Buhari’s government must wake up from its slumber and take action.

“The political greenhorn and rabble-rouser must be warned seriously by his people to desist from the towing the path of destruction lest, they come up to play the victims as that tribe has done across generations.

“We know how truculent and incendiary they could be, they are hateful minds from that part of the country. That blackmailer must be warned seriously. When he’s arrested now, his people will start whipping known and unknown sentiments to blackmail Nigeria before the world. DSS must act now!

“The sponsors of the campaign of calumny against the Nigerian state should be hounded into custody. You have the Nigeria Intelligence Agency, NIA, the Directorate of Military Intelligence, DMI; the DSS and the NPF why not unleash them on the enemies of Nigeria once and for all so that the innocent ones will have peace.

“This president should shed the garb of being seen as weak. It has never happened in the history of Nigeria, for any group to sponsor protest to Army headquarters calling on the military to take over government because you lost election? Under President Buhari, anything is possible as long as he is not directly affected. Security agencies should go all out after those planning to undermine our hard earned democracy, ” the Mayor stated.

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