MURIC urges Biden to compare anti-Tinubu demonstrators to Trumpists

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), has urged President Joe Biden of U.S. to compare Nigerians staging demonstrations in front of the White House against the presidential election held in Nigeria to cynical, deluded and fanatical Republicans who still believed that Trump won the U.S. election.

MURIC said this in a statement on Monday, by its Executive Director, Prof. Ishaq Akintola in Abuja.

“A few misguided Nigerians have staged demonstrations in front of the White House in the United States against the outcome of the Feb. 25 election held in Nigeria.

“We appeal to President Joe Biden to ignore them. The Nigerian election was free and fair to a large extent. Ours may not be a perfect system yet, but it is neither brutish nor undemocratic. In fact it was the best election ever conducted in Nigeria. The ruling party did not win a landslide but lost sensitive areas including seats in the National Assembly.

“An election has been held and the winner has been declared by the electoral body. We have a President-Elect and that is sacrosanct by all democratic rules. Stakeholders are therefore expected to accept the outcome or approach the courts if not satisfied. But some unruly folks have chosen to use extrajudicial means to annul the election. Simply put, they are nothing but rejecters of democratic process, anachists and confusionists.

“Those demonstrators belong to a group of destroyers who had identified the President-Elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the unbeatable candidate and the only major impediment on their path to the installation of fascism long ago. They therefore staged violent demonstrations called #EndSARS one year before the election in which they targeted the destruction of Lagos and Tinubu’s property, ” he said.

Akintola added:“They want the result of the election overturned through extrajudicial means. They also called for military coup. That is most archaic. These are disciples of Donald Trump and it will be paradoxical if Biden who is fighting insurrectionists in the US pitches his camp with insurrectionists from Nigeria. As the greatest democracy and leader of the free world that has won global respect for its defence of democracy worldwide, Nigerians look forward to America’s understanding and support of democracy in their country.

“Our message to President Biden is this: Don’t listen to those who have no faith in democratic process. They are bad losers, rebellious subjects, enemies of peace, confusionists, anti-establishment elements and rejecters of democratic norms and values. America must not encourage the Trump heritage of denial of election results, otherwise it will spread like wild fire particularly throughout the Third world. It is unhealthy for democracy.

“Those Nigerians demonstrating against the result of the election held in their country are comparable to cynical, deluded and fanatical Republicans who still believe that Trump won the election in America.

“By the way, we believe that anarchists have picked the wrong place to stage their anti-democracy demonstration in front of the White House, the symbol of democracy worldwide. They should have done it in front of Russia’s Kremlin or, more appropriately, in Russia’s Dom pravitelstva Rossiyskoi Federatsii which is Russia’s real equivalent of the White House where they can be easily drafted by Russia to join the murderous Wagner group in its inhuman, criminal and despicable onslaught on Ukraine.”

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