Timi Dakolo’s ‘40th wedding anniversary’ sparks reactions on social media

By Biodun Busari

Popular Nigerian music artiste, Timi Dakolo has been a talking point on social media after posting a picture of himself and his wife, Busola with the caption “Happy 40th wedding anniversary to us” on Instagram on Friday.

Dakolo’s followers on Instagram have started reacting to ascertain whether the caption was a mistake or a deliberate attempt of envisioning the future.


Vanguard checks revealed that the music star is 42 years old while his wife is 37 years old, and they got married in 2012.

If the authenticity of the post is anything to go by, it means Dakolo got married to his spouse at the age of 2. But, the impossibility is that his wife could not have been born.

Meanwhile, the singer’s followers have continued to pour him beautiful wishes and congratulatory remarks, regardless of the post.

Below are some of the reactions trailing Dakolo’s post on social media:

dianadairo said, “This time next year we will all live to celebrate your 70th anniversary .”

eniola_ayaba was awestruck and said, “40th???? I was like how old is Timi Dakolo? But of course, we speak the future so happy 40th anniversary to you, we love you .”

“When I dey wish you happy 69th birthday that time people think say I dey lie lol. Happy wedding anniversary better people.” emmaohmagod reacted.

shaddaio exclaimed, “40th what? Make I no use periwinkle stone you oh!!! How many years Una con dey? Ancestors.”

nolycharles congratulated him, “Happy anniversary but not 40th.”

“Which kind play be this Brother!” timogboruche wrote, “40th …. I have been calculating and the geometric and latitude with longitude is not working mean while the supervisors are asking me to submit my answer sheet…. @timidakolo.”

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